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Learn the hypnotic and alluring moves of Argentine Tango in just 5 weeks for only $29 per person! Normally $90

About the Deal

  • 5 weeks progressive Argentine Tango for beginners course, delivered by four highly trained professionals with over 38 years dance and teaching experience between them
  • Learn the basics of tango embrace, connection with your partner, and associated techniques of posture and balance
  • Learn the basics of the walk, lead and follow principles, and simple musicality with traditional tango music
  • Learn the basic steps and how to improvise your dance with simple walking patterns and changes of weight
  • Learn the basics of how to pivot repeatedly with easy to learn techniques and how to use pivots in dance patterns
  • Understand the basic navigational rules and etiquette
  • Every step is broken down so it is easy to learn
  • Lessons progress from very easy to easy
  • Four teachers per course who rotate every weekend, so you get at least two trained instructors per class
  • Class sizes are limited per course to ensure that you get plenty of one-on-one interaction with the experienced teachers and personalised assistance when learning
  • Impress your friends with your dance moves
  • Dancing is not only good for keeping your body active, it keeps your mind active too!

Terms & Conditions

  • Cannot be used with other offers
  • Cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Bookings are essential and course space is subject to availability
  • To book your spot, please call TangoP (The Tango Partnership in Perth) on 0416 039 303 or email info@tangop.com with personal and voucher details
  • One voucher per person per course
  • Purchase multiples as gifts
  • Classes are available at Loftus Recreation Centre, corner of Loftus and Vincent Streets in Leederville
  • You don’t need a partner to attend classes, however, TangoP strongly recommends that clients book with a partner as Argentine Tango is a partner dance and you will maximise your learning by working with a dedicated partner. If clients book with a partner, they will need to purchase a separate voucher
  • This is offer is limited to the following course start date: Friday, 22nd June and Saturday 23rd June 2012
  • Bookings close on the following dates: Close of business Thursday, 21st June for courses starting on 22nd and 23rd June 2012
  • Once you have booked for and attended the first class of a course you must complete that course. Deferral requests will not be entertained mid-way through a course
  • No cancellations will be entertained or refunds given for unused classes

Deal Details

Fancy yourself as the next champion on ‘Dancing With The Stars’….well shimmy on down to TangoP in Leederville, put on your dancing shoes and shake what your mamma gave you baby!!  Whether you’re bored of the old ‘big fish, little fish, cardboard box’ dance routine and want to show off some real dance moves, or you’re tired of the usual workout and fancy injecting some tantalising tango into your regime, at TangoP you’re guaranteed to have fun! 

Dancing is not only good for the heart and soul it can actually make you smarter.  Studies have shown that learning and remembering different dance steps keeps not only our body fit, but our brains too!  At TangoP all courses are delivered by four highly trained professionals guiding you through each step to ensure that you are comfortable with each and every move.

Whether you want to get fit the fun way, impress your friends with some new moves or meet some fun and friendly people, this is the deal for you!  TangoP are situated in the vibrant and cosmopolitan area of Leederville…perfect for a few drinks to talk about your new moves afterwards!

Buy this deal now….loosen up those hips and prepare to amaze, allure and hypnotize with moves that Ricky Martin would be jealous of!

The Argentine Tango is often considered ‘the dancers dance’ or ‘the ultimate dance’ and is highly technical, creative and functions purely on improvised communication between both dancers.  The man and woman form a partnership in a warm and gentle embrace and he creates the dance by proposing a movement and she completes the dance by accepting his proposal. The main objective of the dance is for the man to make the woman shine and look beautiful – she is the centrepiece of the dance.

Loftus Recreation Centre,
Corner of Loftus and Vincent Street  LEEDERVILLE, WA, Australia

0416 039 303




TangoP is a dance school specialising in Argentine Tango. TangoP (The Tango Partnership in Perth) was formed by Geoffrey Michael Hendrickse and Rodney Daniells with the aim building the tango community in Perth and to create an environment of having fun while learning and dancing tango.

Geoff and Rod are tango dancers and teachers who share a common desire to nurture the growth of Argentine Tango in Perth. They want to share their skills and experiences of this magical dance and encourage newcomers join the small tango community in this city, and to learn and enjoy tango as much as they do.

TangoP runs regular weekly classes for all levels of dance experience, at the Loftus Recreation Centre, Corner of Loftus and Vincent Streets, Leederville WA 6007.

At TangoP we are committed to customer retention and satisfaction by providing high quality of dance instruction and offering exceptional service in related activities such as well organised social dance events. We have a team of well trained and experienced dance instructors and because of this we have the ability to run large classes that ensure adequate one-on-one interaction between students and our staff.