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Let it all hang out with the Revolutionary Gunns Clothes Line and Cover for only $123 including delivery! Say goodbye to those washday blues! Usually $249

About the Deal

  • 1 brand new, revolutionary Gunns fold down clothes line and cover in one
  • Choice of large or small
  • Dimensions of large; 1300 x 2250
  • Dimensions of small; 1100 x 2250
  • Freedom to dry clothes outside whatever the weather conditions
  • Proudly invented and designed by Gunns Clotheslines, a fully owned and operated Aussie company
  • FREE Delivery
  • Saves money and time
  • Eliminates the need for tumble dryers
  • Simple to install
  • Keeps clothes looking good for longer
  • No fading from the sun
  • No more musty wet clothes hanging in spare rooms during the rainy winter season

You will be required to choose one of the following when you make your purchase:

  • Large - 1300 x 2250 for $0.00 (Valued at $0.00)
  • Small - 1100 x 2250 for $0.00 (Valued at $0.00)

Terms & Conditions

  • Unlimited vouchers per person and multiple as gifts
  • Delivery is Australia wide
  • Expect delivery between 7-14 days from when the deal ends; subject to availability of the product
  • Please provide your delivery address when purchasing the deal, Gunns Clothes Lines will ship your order automatically and no further redemption is required
  • Please provide a valid residential address, no PO Boxes
  • If there is no one present to receive the delivery or incorrect delivery details are provided at check out, a re-delivery fee will apply and you will be responsible for paying the fee
  • Please make your selection carefully, no changes or cancellations can be made once you have purchased a voucher as products are automatically dispatched
  • For Enquiries, please contact Gunns Clothes Lines on 1300 941 321

Deal Details

Gah! Who has put their washing on the line in the morning in the hope that it will be dry and ready to fold and put away when you get home, only to look out of the window at midday and see that there’s gale force winds and a downpour that would put the Niagara Falls to shame?  Or who has ever put out their favorite outfit to dry only to find that the sun has crisped and faded it?

If you’ve experienced these problems then you need the revolutionary Gunns All Weather Clothes Line!  Proudly invented and designed by Gunns Clotheslines, a fully owned and operated Australian Company, the All Weather Clothes Line is the first of its kind to come with a strong and durable cover made from materials that can withstand the harsh and, at times, unsympathetic Western Australian climate. 

The All Weather Clothes Line is simple to install, saves money, time and eliminates the need for a tumble dryer, reducing  your carbon footprint AND electricity bills!

Come on people of Western Australia, ONLY $123 to save your clothes AND the environment? It’s just too good an opportunity to miss!


Gunns Clothes Lines


Gunns Clothes Lines

It is widely acknowledged that necessity is the mother of invention. All great innovations are based on the fundamental premise that if there's a need, then there's an idea. And Gunns Clotheslines had a great idea!

The All Weather Covered Clothesline is the world's first clotheslines and cover in one. Proudly invented and designed by Gunns Clotheslines, a fully owned and operated Australian company. The founding Director of Gunns Clotheslines established the business firmly on the promise that its products meet the highest standards. The result is a premium quality product using strong, durable materials that can withstand the harsh and at times unsympathetic nature of the Australian climate.

Never before has there been a Fold Down clothesline with a protective cover all in one. The All Weather Covered Clothesline is simple to install, saves money and time, plus keeps clothes looking good for longer. Drying clothes naturally is ideal. But for many, washing remains a dreaded chore at the mercy of unpredictable weather.

The All Weather Covered Clothesline with its protective cover means hanging washing out once, and only once! - giving you the freedom to continue your day as planned.

Gunns Clotheslines is not only convenient, but also eliminates the need for tumble dryers. This means reducing the carbon footprint, which in turn leads to huge savings on electricity bills. The environmentally friendly All Weather Covered Clothesline is the solution to making washing easier all year round.