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Keep your handbag clean and safe in public places with a handy handbag hook! Only $19 for TWO Gemstone Purse Hooks! Available in various colours and delivered straight to your door. Normally $80

About the Deal

  • Two Gemstone Purse Hooks
  • Choose from 5 colour duos - black/red, black/blue, black/green, black/pink or black/silver
  • Keep your handbag off the floor and safe in restaurants or bars by simply uncurling the hook from the stylish colour gemstone and rest the non-slip charm on the table’s edge or a flat surface and then hang your handbag on the hook
  • Great gift idea for all your girl friends!

You will be required to choose one of the following when you make your purchase:

  • Black/Blue for $0.00 (Valued at $0.00)
  • Black/Green for $0.00 (Valued at $0.00)
  • Black/Pink for $0.00 (Valued at $0.00)
  • Black/Red for $0.00 (Valued at $0.00)
  • Black/Silver for $0.00 (Valued at $0.00)

Terms & Conditions

  • Voucher valid for one month until 31 July 2012
  • No need for further action or redemption after checkout
  • Product will be delivered by Registered Post within approximately 14 business days of redemption
  • Multiple vouchers may be purchased
  • Can be purchased as gifts
  • Not available with any other offer
  • No refunds and not redeemable for cash

Deal Details

Do you often go to a restaurant or bar and wonder where to put your handbag? The floor is often too dirty with bits of sticky food and trails of spilled drinks to put your prized Louis Vuitton on the ground and you also don’t know what might decide to crawl into your bag - gross! And it’s also not comfortable sitting with a bag stuck in the back of your chair all night and you also don’t want to leave it anywhere where someone might nick it, so what do you do?

We have the answer as always! You get this deal silly! For only $19 you’ll get TWO gemstone purse hooks that are available in five colour duos – black/red, black/blue, black/green, black/pink or black/silver, so you can even colour coordinate your bag and your purse hook!

Hurry and get yours today and get a few more for your friends because every girl needs one of these – not only will it keep your prized handbag clean but it will also keep it safe!

PERTH, WA, Australia

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